After a few weeks in lockdown, beavering away and racking our brains for how best to respond to the rapidly changing situation we find ourselves in, Collingwood Learning are now delighted to be able to confirm FREE ACCESS TO ALL UK SCHOOLS to the Smashed Online e-learning programme.

To find out more watch this short explainer video: What is Smashed Online?

The Smashed Project is ordinarily, a live, theatre programme that has educated 900,000 young people in the UK and around the world on the dangers of underage drinking and we know we are not alone when we tell you that it has been heavily impacted globally by the Coronavirus pandemic. Our recent tours of both England and Northern Ireland came to an abrupt end a few weeks ago and Smashed projects around the world have also been halted as a result.

Smashed Online has been developed as an alternative e-learning option for schools in the UK and will provide a key learning resource to teachers trying to fulfil the PSHE Key Stage 3 curriculum remotely over the coming weeks. The programme, is a short course that guides students through the Smashed Project using filmed ‘episodes’ of the live play, along with interactive activities. It is fully linked to the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study for this age group and should be easy for teachers to implement using our simple guide. There’s even a downloadable certificate for students who complete the course.

Smashed Online is dedicated to:

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of the effects of underage drinking
  • Helping young people understand social influences that may cause underage drinking, particularly peer pressure
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships, and informed decision making

We have been able to make Smashed Online completely free of charge to all schools thanks to sponsorship from Diageo GB, as part of their global commitment to reduce alcohol related harm in society and we really hope it provides schools and teachers with an opportunity to continue their PSHE provision around alcohol for their students at this challenging time.